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Harbortowne: directors

October 19, 2010, at 6:00 PM, Harbortowne's 2014-2018 Board of Directors directors were elected and announced:

Bill Barstis   President    Lot #47  
Ted Arich   Vice President    Lot #42  
Lisa Walton   Secretary    Lot #45  

The new term for these four directors is four years, and last from October 19, 2014, until October 19, 2018. Any new elected directors terms will last two years from the day each of them is elected. This will stagger the coming and going of directors within our Board of Directors. This four year term and the staggering of new elected directors was majority decided during our June 29, 2006 POA meeting. If you have any questions concerning our Board of Directors, please first carefully review our BYLAWS and COVENANTS, and if you still have questions, contact our President, Bill Barstis.

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