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Harbortowne: committees

Architectural Review for 2010-2014

Harbortowne POA Board of Directors  Lisa Walton    Lot #51
Harbortowne POA Board of Directors  Ted Arich    Lot #42
Harbortowne POA Board of Directors  Bill Barstis    Lot #47

Nominating Committee for 2010-2014

Chairman  Bill Barstis    Lot #47
Harbortowne POA member      Lot #
Harbortowne POA member      Lot #

Property Access Committee for 2011-2013

 Bill Barstis (streets, cul-de-sacs, sidewalks)      Lot #47
 Ted Arich (signage, paint)      Lot #42
 Martin Mangold (camera, security, directory)      Lot #16

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